Do i have to be plant-based?

Absolutely not, however, all meals served will be plant-based. We think even if you aren’t plant-based you will enjoy these delicious, healthy, colorful, bold meals.

What are the rooms like?

We will be staying in the North Campus Apartments at Kenyon College. These are fancier than a cabin but more rustic than a spa. Each apartment has a full kitchen, living room area, and bathroom on the ground floor. The upper two floors are rooms and bathrooms. Each apartment sleeps between 6 - 12 campers and has a mixture of single and double rooms. We’ll do our best to accommodate room preferences.

How do i get there?

Plane: Columbus is the closest airport. We can help arrange a shuttle service for a discounted cost. Please email us to let us know you will need the shuttle service with your flight information.

Car: If you are driving in there is parking available where you will be able to leave your car.

What if I don’t want to attend every activity?

That’s okay! We encourage you to participate in as many activities as feel right to you.

i don’t know anyone, will i be okay?

Yes! Camp is all about making friends and having new experiences. We have designed a schedule that will give you many opportunities to meet and get to know your fellow campers. Come with an open mind and heart and you’ll walk away with many memories.

how can i “gift” camp to another camper?

If you are looking to pay for and register a friend, please follow the normal registration process and enter your friends information. If you are keeping the registration a secret, do not put their email address, as a confirmation email will be sent upon registration.

If you would like to donate a full or partial portion of the camp cost to someone who might like come but can’t afford it please, let us know. We would be happy to use the donated funds to give a scholarship to a fellow female warrior.

What should i pack?

We will send out a full packing list a month prior to camp, but think camp basics. Camp is completely casual and there’s no need to dress up … except maybe for the talent show.

i have more questions, can i talk to someone?

Of course! Please email us at and we’ll schedule a time to give you a call.